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ᴺQ. !aryë adv. “also, as well, besides, too” (Category: Also)

ᴺQ. !aryë, adv. “also, as well, besides, too” [created by Elaran] (Category: Also)

A neologism for “also” coined by Elaran on 2023-06-22 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS) derived from primitive ASjē based on the root √AS “beside” which is also the basis for ar “and”. I personally would limit this neologism to expressions like “also known as ...”, while for the sense “also” = “too” I would use attested: [ᴹQ.] (PE22/121-2).



AS² “beside”
-(i)yē “abstract noun, adverb”