ᴹQ. Falmarin (Falmarind-) pn. “Foam-rider, Shore-Elf”

ᴹQ. Falmarin (Falmarind-), pn. “Foam-rider, Shore-Elf”
Another name for the Teleri appearing in its plural form in name lists and The Etymologies from the 1930s (LR/403, Ety/PHAL). Its singular form appears in some lingusitic notes from the early 1930s, where Tolkien noted that it belonged to a class of nouns whose stem form was “usual[ly] reformed ... with -ind” (PE21/33, 36).

References ✧ Ety/PHAL; LR/403; LRI/Falmarindi; PE21/33, 36





falmarillo ablative; assimilated ✧ PE21/36
falmarinullo ablative ✧ PE21/36
falmari(nu)llut ablative dual ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]ína accusative; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]inta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/36
falmărĭnunta allative ✧ PE21/36
falmarintau allative dual ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]ínen dative; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]íno genitive; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]inwen instrumental ✧ PE21/36
[falmar]ínanen instrumental; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36; PE21/36
falmarinwet instrumental dual ✧ PE21/36
falmarínumet instrumental dual; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
falmarinesse locative ✧ PE21/36
falmarinte locative; assimilated ✧ PE21/36
[falmarin]usset locative dual ✧ PE21/36
falmarinesset locative dual ✧ PE21/36
falmarin nominative ✧ PE21/36
falmarinunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/36
falmarillin nominative plural ✧ PE21/36
falmarínin nominative plural; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
falmarínulin nominative plural; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/36
falmarinwa possessive ✧ PE21/36
falmarindon similative ✧ PE21/36
falmarinundon similative ✧ PE21/36