S. Gilammoth loc.

⚠️S. Gilammoth, loc.

A rejected name for Nan Elmoth in “The Lay of Leithian Recommenced” from the 1950s (LB/349). The name might be to be a combination of gil “star” and moth “dusk”.

References ✧ LB/349; LBI/Gilammoth, Glad-uail



gil “star; (bright) spark, silver glint, twinkle of light”
moth “dusk”

S. Gladuial loc. “*Twilight Wood”

Another name for Nan Elmoth appearing on the Silmarillion map from the 1950s (WJ/183, 188 note #48). Christopher Tolkien stated in his notes that he could not find this name anywhere else in his father’s writings, but Christopher apparently forgot that it had appeared as a rejected name in “The Lay of Leithian Recommenced” from the same period, revised to Gilammoth and finally to Nan Elmoth (LB/349). The name appears to be a combination of glad “wood” and uial “twilight”.

References ✧ LB/349; LBI/Glad-uail; WJ/188; WJI





glad “wood”
uial “twilight, evendim” soft-mutation