S. Ered Mithrin loc. “Grey Mountains”

S. Ered Mithrin, loc. “Grey Mountains”

Sindarin name of the “Grey Mountains” (LotR/1064). This name is a combination of the plural of orod “mountain” and the plural of mithren “grey”. This etymology is somewhat speculative, since elsewhere the Sindarin adjective for “grey” is given as mith. Furthermore, an adjective in this position would ordinarily undergo soft mutation to vithrin.

References ✧ LotR/1064; LotRI/Ered Mithrin; PMI/Ered Mithrin; SMI/Ered Mithrin; UTI/Ered Mithrin



orod “mountain” plural
#mithren “grey” plural ✧ LotR/1064 (Mithrin)