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ᴺQ. !cortangwa n. “button, (lit.) circle-fastener” (Category: Button)

ᴺQ. !cortangwa, n. “button, (lit.) circle-fastener” [created by Parmandil] (Category: Button)

A neologism coined by Parmandil posted on 2023-12-15 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS), a combination of √KOR “round” and [ᴹQ.] tangwa “hasp, clasp, *fastener” < ᴹ✶takmā. If you used Tolkien’s later phonetic developments whereby ancient [km] became [kw], this word would be cortaqua.


KOR “round”
ᴹQ. tangwa “hasp, clasp”