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ᴺQ. !lalevítë adj. “lame” (Category: Lame)

ᴺQ. !lalevítë, adj. “lame” [created by Helge Fauskanger, NQNT] (Category: Lame)

A neologism for “lame” coined by Helge Fauskanger in his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT), a combination of la- “not”, [ᴺQ.] lev- “move” and the suffix -itë meaning “generally or naturally doing”, hence “*not apt to move”. Fauskanger sometimes used úlévima for “lame” as well, but I’d limit that word to “paralyzed”.


Q. la- “not, in-, un-”
lev- “to move (intr.)”
Q. -itë “adjectival ending; capable of doing, generally (and naturally) doing”