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ᴺQ. !laitë adj. “false” (Category: Lie, Falsehood)

ᴺQ. !laitë, adj. “false” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Lie, Falsehood)
Compare with Q. naitë “true”. Alternate form alaite was suggested by Tamas Ferencz in a Discord chat on 2019-07-17 to avoid conflict with ᴹQ. laite “colour”, but ala- is a prefix, not a verb form, and thus may not be suitable in combination with -itë.



Q. lá- “to not be”
Q. -itë “adjectival ending; capable of doing, generally (and naturally) doing”

Element In

ᴺQ. !nauna [ñ] adj. “false” (Category: Lie, Falsehood)

Element In