Q. #Erulissë pn. “[God’s] Grace” (Category: to Bless)

Q. #Erulissë, pn. “[God’s] Grace” (Category: to Bless)

A term for God’s grace in early drafts of Aia María, Tolkien’s translation of the Ave Maria prayer (VT43/27-8). It is a compound of Eru “God” and lissë² “grace”. In later drafts of Aia María, this name was replaced by the term Eruanna (VT43/27-28). It is attested only in the instrumental form erulissenen “*[by means] of [God’s] grace”.

References ✧ VT43/29



erulissenen instrumental “*of grace” ✧ VT43/29


Eru “The One, God”
lissë² “grace”

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