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ᴺQ. !hlunco (hluncu-) n. “pharynx, gullet” (Category: Throat)

ᴺQ. !hlunco (hluncu-), n. “pharynx, gullet” [created by Paul Strack, Ygrain] (Category: Throat)
ᴱQ. cailen “throat, gullet”
ᴹQ. lanco “throat”

A neologism for “pharynx, gullet” (the interior of the throat) derived from the root ᴹ√SLUK “swallow”, which arose out of a Discord conversation between Paul Strack and Ygrain on 2021-03-07. I would use Q. lango more generally for “neck, throat” to describe the whole neck structure as a passage between the mouth and the stomach and lungs, but ᴺQ. hlungo may be used more specifically for the interior of the throat, and as a replacement for ᴹQ. lanko “throat” which is probably not part of the same conceptual paradigm as lango “neck”.