Q. tambë engë i et... “as it was [in] the [beginning]...”

Q. tambë engë i et..., “as it was [in] the [beginning]...”

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The second line of Alcar i Ataren, Tolkien’s translation of the Gloria Patri prayer. The first word is tambë “as”, also seen in the Átaremma prayer. The second word is enge “[it] was”, the past tense of ëa- “to be, to exist”. This is followed by i “the” and an incomplete word beginning with et (“out?”). At this point Tolkien stopped work on the prayer.

Reference ✧ VT43/36 ✧ tambe enge i et...


tambë “*as, so” ✧ VT43/38
ëa- “to be, exist, [ᴹQ.] have being, be found extant in the real world” past ✧ VT43/38 (enge)
“the” ✧ VT43/38
et “out (of)” ✧ VT43/38

Element In