Ad. agannūlo burudan nēnum “death-shade heavy-is on-us”

Ad. agannūlo burudan nēnum “death-shade heavy-is on-us”

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The first draft of the 9th phrase of the Lament of Akallabêth (SD/312), which was close to the final version but had minor differences in spelling and grammar. The subject agannūlo “death-shade” seems to be in the normal-case rather than the subjective, and nūlo “shade” is a variant spelling of later nâlu. The word burudan “heavy” seems to buruda (so spelled in the second draft but burôda in the final version) with the predicate suffix -n “is”. The final word nēnum “on us” is a combination of the pronoun “us” and the prepositional suffix -num “on” (nēnu in the second draft and nēnud in the final version).

Reference ✧ SD/312 ✧ “death-shade heavy-is on-us”



agan “death” ✧ SD/312
#nâlu “shadow” ✧ SD/312 (nūlo)
burôda “(very) heavy” ✧ SD/312 (buruda)
-n “predicate suffix” ✧ SD/312
* “us” ✧ SD/312 ()
*-nud “on” ✧ SD/312 (-num)

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