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ᴺQ. !möa v. “must (impersonal)” (Category: Ought, Must)

ᴺQ. !möa, v. “must (impersonal)” [created by Raccoon] (Category: Ought, Must)

A neologism for “must” coined by Raccoon, derived from the root ᴹ√MBAW “compel, force” and equivalent to impersonal N. bui “must” (ᴺS. boe). Like its (Neo) Sindarin equivalent, it is an impersonal verb with the putative subject in the dative, as in moa nin cares “I must do it, (lit.) it is required for me to do it”. Its conjugation is patterned after the verb öa-. This neologism provides an alternative to the somewhat dated Neo-Quenya construction based on the verb mauya- “compel”, such as mauya nin cares or mauya ni cares; see that entry for discusion.