S. Sarch nia Chîn Húrin pn. “Grave of the Children of Húrin”

S. Sarch nia Chîn Húrin, pn. “Grave of the Children of Húrin”

Name of the grave of Túrin and Nienor (UT/140), a combination of sarch “grave”, the definite plural form nia of the preposition na(n) “of” (also seen in Glaer nia Chîn Húrin), the mutated plural chîn of hên “child” and the name of their father Húrin. The unmutated form Hîn in the Unfinished Tales was an editorial decision by Christopher Tolkien (LR/322 note §25); the name was spelled correctly (with Chîn) in The Children of Húrin (CH/247).

References ✧ CH/247; UT/140; UTI/Sarch nia Hîn Húrin




sarch “grave” ✧ UT/140
na(n) “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with” plural ✧ UT/140 (nia)
hên “child” nasal-mutation plural ✧ UT/140 (Hîn)
Húrin ✧ UT/140