Q. [ᴹQ.] lu-, v. “to be heavy, be sad”

ᴹQ. lu- v. “to be heavy, be sad”

References ✧ PE22/102, 104


lue aorist “it is heavy, sad” ✧ PE22/102.1812
luin aorist with-1st-sg-object “it is heavy on me, I am sad” ✧ PE22/102.1817
lunge past   ✧ PE22/102.1908
lungen past with-1st-sg-object “I was sad” ✧ PE22/104.1102
uluiye perfect   ✧ PE22/102.1914
ulungie perfect   ✧ PE22/102.1910
ulungien perfect with-1st-sg-object “I have been sad” ✧ PE22/104.1106