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RUN² root. “rub, grind, smooth, polish”

RUN² root. “rub, grind, smooth, polish; [ᴹ√] flat of hand or sole of foot”

A root appearing in an undated note from around 1968 as part of an explanation for the tree-name S. lebethron, given as {√RON >>} √RUN “rub, grind, smooth, polish”, with a derivatives Q. runda “smooth, polished” and [deleted] ron “smoothed by polishing”, probably Sindarin (PE17/89).

The Etymologies of the 1930s instead had the root ᴹ√RUN “flat of hand or sole of foot” with derivatives like ᴹQ. runya/N. rhein “footprint”, and also as the basis for the final element of ᴹQ. tallune/N. tellen “sole of foot” (Ety/RUN). It’s conceivable the two iterations of the root are related based on the “smoothness” of the hand or foot.

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ᴹ√RUN root. “flat of hand or sole of foot”

See √RUN² for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/RUN, TAL