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ᴺQ. !ahtarië n. “reaction; ⚠️vengeance” (Category: Action)

ᴺQ. !ahtarië, n. “reaction; ⚠️vengeance” [created by NQ-Wiki, NQNT] (Category: Action)
ᴺQ. !atacarmë “vengeance, reaction”

A neologism appearing in both the Neo-Quenya Wiki with the sense “reaction” and Helge Fauskanger’s Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT) with the sense “vengeance”, in both cases based on the verb ahtar- “react; avenge”. Since I use [ᴺQ.] ahtar- only in the sense “react”, I would use its noun form only in the sense “reaction”.



ahtar- “to do back, react; ⚠️to requite, avenge”