Q. Hyarmentir loc. “*South Watch”

Q. Hyarmentir, loc. “*South Watch”

The highest mountain in the south of Aman (S/74), probably a compound of hyarmen “south” (SA/hyarmen) and a form of the verb tir- “to watch”, with a meaning like “*South Watch”.

Conceptual Development: This mountain was first named Hyarantar (MR/105, 291).

References ✧ LT1I; MR/105, 291; MRI/Hyarantar, Hyarmentir; S/74; SA/hyarmen; SI; SMI


hyarmen “south, (lit.) left-hand direction” ✧ SA/hyarmen
tir- “to watch (over), guard, heed; to look (at), gaze, observe”

Q. Hyarantar loc. “?Southern Height”

The earliest name of Hyarmentir (MR/105, 291), perhaps a compound of hyarna¹ “southern” and the element -tar “high”, meaning “*Southern Height”.

References ✧ MR/105, 291; MRI



hyarna¹ “southern”
tar-¹ “high”