Ad. anadūni akallabi “Westernesse fell in ruin”

Ad. anadūni akallabi “Westernesse fell in ruin”

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The first draft of the 6th phrase of the Lament of Akallabêth (SD/311). It differs from the final version in its grammar and in the omission of the word zîrân “beloved”. The subject anadūni seems to be an earlier version of Anadûnê “Númenor”. The verb akallabi “fell in ruin” is an early form of kalab- “to fall (down)”, perhaps in the draft-perfect tense.

Reference ✧ SD/311 ✧ “Westernesse fell in ruin”



Anadûnê “Westernesse” ✧ SD/311 (anadūni)
kalab- “to fall (down)” draft-perfect ✧ SD/311 (akallabi)

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