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ᴺQ. !hwinquetë n. “confused talk, nonsense” (Category: Mad, Crazy, Insane)

ᴺQ. !hwinquetë, n. “confused talk, nonsense” [created by Tamas Ferencz, NotD] (Category: Mad, Crazy, Insane)

A neologism coined by Tamas Ferencz in the “Neologism of the Day” (NotD) series on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server posted at 2023-05-30, a combination of ᴹ√SWIN “whirl” and √KWET “speak”; compare with N. chwîn “giddyness” from ᴹ√SWIN.


ᴹ√SWIN “whirl, eddy”
KWET “say, speak, utter words”