ᴹQ. Hui pn. “Night”

ᴹQ. Hui, pn. “Night”

A name for (Primordial?) Night appearing in The Etymologies from the 1930s as a derivative of the root ᴹ√PHUY, along with its (archaic?) variant Fui (Ety/PHUY).

Conceptual Development: This name is most likely a remnant of the name ᴱQ. Fui from the earliest Lost Tales, where it was another name for the goddess ᴱQ. Nienna (LT1/66, LT1A/Fui). According to the Qenya and Gnomish Lexicons from the 1910s, this earlier version of the name is derived from the root ᴱ√ǶUẎU (GL/36, QL/38).

Reference ✧ Ety/PHUY ✧ “Night”


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√PHUY > Fui > Hui [pʰui] > [ɸui] > [hui] ✧ Ety/PHUY

ᴱQ. Fui f. “Death-goddess, Nienna”

See ᴹQ. Hui for discussion.

References ✧ GL/18, 36; LT1A/Fui; LT1I; LT2I; PE14/14; PE15/14; PMI; QL/38, 40, 68; SMI




hui “dark, murk, fog; night, evening” ✧ QL/38 (Fui)

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