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root. “interjection of pleasure/assent”

⚠️ root. “interjection of pleasure/assent”
LA “no, not; negative; not to be”
AL(A) “good (physically), blessed, fortunate, prosperous, health(y)”

A root appearing in 1959 notes as a variant of √AL(A) “good” with a single derivative: Q. or alá “yes” (PE17/158). A possible precursor is the rejected root ᴹ√LAƷ from The Etymologies of the 1930s, unglossed but with one derivative ᴹQ. whose gloss is difficult to read by might be “please” (EtyAC/LAƷ). I recommend against using this root for purposes of Neo-Eldarin, as it is easily confused with the negative root √LA.

References ✧ PE17/158; VT42/33





ᴹ√LAƷ root.

See √ for discussion.

Reference ✧ EtyAC/LAƷ