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ᴺQ. !tolloquen n. “islander” (Category: Isle, Island)

ᴺQ. !tolloquen, n. “islander” [created by Petri Tikka, PPQ] (Category: Isle, Island)

A neologism for “islander” created by Petri Tikka in Parma Penyanë Quettaron (PPQ) from the early 2000s based on the 1930s primitive form ᴹ✶tollo for “island”, combined with Q. quén “person”. In theory this should be updated to tollequen to match the 1960s form Q. tollë¹ for “island”, but I think tolloquen can stand as a variant formation.


ᴹ✶tollo “island”
Q. quén “person, individual, man or woman; one, somebody”