Ad. #narak n. (strong-I neut common) “eagle” (Category: Eagle, Hawk)

Ad. #narak n. (strong-I neut common) “eagle” (Category: Eagle, Hawk)

A noun attested only in the plural subjective form Narīka “eagles” (SD/251). This formation is peculiar, because it seems to be a neuter subjective form, but the names of animals are generally common-nouns, as pointed out by Andreas Moehn (EotAL/NAR’K). If it were declined as a common noun, the subjective plural should be *narkim: compare Nimir “Elf” whose subjective plural form is nimrim (SD/436). Perhaps when Narīka was written, Tolkien had not finished working out the Adûnaic gender and case system.

References ✧ SD/251


Narīka plural subjective; irregular-subjective “eagles” ✧ SD/251

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