S. Túrin Wrapper


i·Veleglind i eithro en estar i·Chîn Húrin “*the Great Song that is also called the Children of Húrin”
i glinn hen agorer Edain mi Velerian, ach hí in Ellath îr ed epholar “*this song Men made in Beleriand, but now the Elves alone (?remember) it”
ar·phent Rían Tuor·na: man agorech? “*and said Rían to Tuor: what have we done?”
sí il chem en i Naugrim en ir Ellath thor den ammen “*now all (?hands) of the Dwarves and Elves will be (?against) to us”
Túrin ion Húrin Túramarth “*Túrin son of Húrin, Túramarth”
ar Nienor sel Morwen Níniel “*and Nienor daughter of Morwen, Níniel”
i chîn Húrin “*the children of Húrin”
os i Veleglinn i edain agorer vi Veleriann “*from the Great Song that men made in Beleriand”
ar in Ellath epholar eno vi Eressai “*and the Elves (?remember) still in Eressëa”