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ᴺQ. !mótaro n. “worker” (Category: Work, Labor)

ᴺQ. !mótaro, n. “worker” [created by Sami Paldanius, 1000W] (Category: Work, Labor)

A neologism for “worker” coined by Sami Paldanius in the 1000 Words project (1000W) as a combination of [ᴹQ.] móta- “to labour” and the agental suffix -r(o). Helge Fauskanger used ᴺQ. molindo “worker” in his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT), an agental form of the later verb mol- “labour”, but since the section where that verb appeared was rejected, I prefer Paldanius’s neologism.


ᴹQ. móta- “to labour, toil”
Q. #-r(o) “agental suffix”

Element In

ᴺQ. !molindo n. “worker” (Category: Work, Labor)

See ᴺQ. !mótaro for discussion.


Q. mol- “to labour”