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ᴺQ. !ëarsil n. “pearl, (lit.) sea-sheen” (Category: Gem, Jewel)

ᴺQ. !ëarsil, n. “pearl, (lit.) sea-sheen” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Gem, Jewel)
ᴱQ. marilla “pearl”

A neologism for a “pearl” coined by Paul Strack on 2022-04-10 on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS) as a combination of ëar “sea” and √SIL “shine”, so literally “sea-sheen”. It replaced an earlier neologism ëassar by Elaran where the second element was sar “(small) stone”, because “sea-stone” is a bit too prosaic.


Q. ëar “sea, great sea”
SIL “shine (white or silver)”

ᴺQ. !ëassar (ëassarn-) n. “pearl, (lit.) sea-pebble/stone” (Category: Gem, Jewel)

See ᴺQ. !ëarsil for discussion.


Q. ëar “sea, great sea”
Q. #sar “stone (small)”