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[ᴱ]^ᴺ√SOW root. “wash, *bathe”

[ᴱ]^ᴺ√SOW root. “wash, *bathe”
?ᴱ√FASA “wash”
ᴱ√LUSU “foment, cherish, warm, bathe”
See ᴱ√SOVO for discussion.



ᴱ√SOVO root. “wash”

A root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s with variants ᴱ√SOVO and ᴱ√SOW̯O glossed “wash”, having derivatives like ᴱQ. sovo- “wash” and ᴱQ. saune “bath” (QL/85), the latter a result of the Early Qenya sound change whereby [ei], [ou] became [ai], [au] (in later Quenya phonology, these generally became [ī], [ū]). In the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon, the primitive form was given as soƀ with derivatives like G. sô- “wash clean, bathe” and G. sôn “pure, clean” from primitive ᴱ✶sou̯na (GL/68). This last primitive form reappeared in Early Noldorin Word-lists from the 1920s where it had derivatives like ᴱQ. sauna “clean” and ᴱN. hûn “polished, burnished, shining” (PE13/148).

Neo-Eldarin: I think it is worth positing an Neo-Root ᴺ√SOW “wash” with a variant ᴺ√SOB to salvage some of these early words, specifically for cleaning a person (“bathe”) as opposed to ᴹ√POY for “clean” in general.

References ✧ GL/68; QL/86