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ᴱQ. lingwe n. “snake, worm” (Category: Worm)

⚠️ᴱQ. lingwë, n. “snake, worm” (Category: Worm)
Q. hlócë “reptile, snake, serpant, worm, *lizard; [ᴹQ.] dragon”
Q. #lingwë “fish”

A noun in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “snake” with variants lingwe and lingo, an elaboration of ᴱQ. lin (ling-) of the same meaning (QL/54). Lingwe “snake” also appeared in the contemporaneous Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa (PME/54), but in Early Qenya Word-lists of the 1920s it was glossed “worm” (PE16/145). In later writings, lingwë was “fish” (NM/336; Ety/LIW).

References ✧ PE16/145; PME/54; QL/54




lin² “snake” ✧ QL/54

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