Ad. ēruhīn udūbanim dalad ugrus “‽ fell under ‽horror‽shadow”

Ad. ēruhīn udūbanim dalad ugrus “‽ fell under ‽horror‽shadow”

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The first draft of the 2nd phrase of the Lament of Akallabêth (SD/311). It differs from the final version only in grammar. The subject of the sentence seems to be a simple plural of #Êruhin, not in the subjective case. The verb might be inflected with the 3rd-person singular masculine suffix u- “he”, but this contradicts the plurality of the subject. Another explanation is that the verb is in the draft-perfect tense and the initial u- is an augment vowel. Either way, it is difficult to explain why it has the verbal suffix -nim instead of the usual plural suffix -m.

The word dalad “under” comes before the noun rather than as a suffix as is usual of later Adûnaic prepositions. The word it modifies seems to be the draft-dative case of the word ugru “shadow”, indicating that the objects of prepositions could be declined into various cases in the draft grammar.

Reference ✧ SD/311 ✧ “‽ fell under ‽horror‽shadow”



#Êruhin “Child of God” draft-plural ✧ SD/311 (ēruhīn)
dubud- “to fall (under influence/cover of)” draft-perfect plural ✧ SD/311 (udūbanim)
dalad “under, beneath” ✧ SD/311
ugru “shadow” draft-dative ✧ SD/311 (ugrus)

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