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Q. atartil n. “thumb [nursery rhymes]” (Category: Thumb)

⚠️Q. atartil, n. “thumb [nursery rhymes]” (Category: Thumb)
Q. nápo “thumb, (lit.) picker”

A nursery name for the thumb in rough drafts of Eldarin Hands, Fingers and Numerals from 1968, a combination of Q. atar “father” and Q. til “tip”, and appearing beside alternate form ataryo (VT47/26-27 note #35). In later versions of these notes, the nursery name was atto, atya, ataryo or taryo (VT47/10, VT48/6).

Reference ✧ VT47/27 ✧ “thumb”


atar¹ “father”
tillë “tip, point; [within compounds] finger, toe”