Q. elenillor pella talta-taltala “beyond the stars falling”

Q. elenillor pella talta-taltala, “beyond the stars falling”

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The twenty-ninth and thirtieth lines of the Markirya poem (MC/222). The first word is the ablative plural form of the noun elen “star” followed by the postposition pella “beyond”. The noun is modified by adjectival talta-taltala “falling”, a combination of the infinitive (or perhaps just the verb stem) with active participle of the verb talta- “to fall”.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

elen-illo-r pella talta-talta-la = “*star-from-(plural) beyond fall-fall-ing”

Reference ✧ MC/222 ✧ “beyond the stars falling”


elen “star” ablative plural ✧ MC/222 (elenillor)
pella “beyond (boundary or limit)” ✧ MC/222
talta- “to slip, slide down, fall” infinitive ✧ MC/222; MC/222 (taltala)
talta- “to slip, slide down, fall” active-participle ✧ MC/222; MC/222 (taltala)

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