Q. namárië! nai hiruvalyë Valimar² “farewell! be-it-that you will find Valimar”

Q. namárië! nai hiruvalyë Valimar², “farewell! be-it-that you will find Valimar”

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The 16th phrase in the prose Namárië, which is essentially the same as its poetic version, differing only in its more literal translation. This is nothing particularly notable about its word order.

Reference ✧ RGEO/59 ✧ Namārië! Nai hir-uva-lye Valimar “Farewell! be-it-that find wilt-thou Valimar”


namárië “farewell, (lit.) be well, let it be well (to you)” ✧ RGEO/59 (Namārië)
nai “maybe; be it that, may it be that; perhaps, it may be, there is a chance or possibility” ✧ RGEO/59
hir- “to find” future 2nd-sg-polite ✧ RGEO/59 (hir-uva-lye)
Valimar “Dwelling of the Valar” ✧ RGEO/59

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