S. Dor Gyrth i Chuinar loc. “Land of the Dead that Live”

S. Dor Gyrth i Chuinar, loc. “Land of the Dead that Live”

A variant form of Dor Firn-i-Guinar appearing in one of Tolkien’s letters from 1972 (Let/417). It differs from the common form in that it uses the plural gyrth of gorth¹ for “The Dead” and that the verb inflection of cuina- “live” undergoes nasal mutation instead of soft mutation. The latter implies that the relative pronoun is elided from a plural form in.

Conceptual Development: A similar variation N. Gyrth-i-Guinar appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (LR/305).

Reference ✧ Let/417 ✧ Dor Gyrth i chuinar “Land of the Dead that Live”



dôr “land” ✧ Let/417 (Dor)
#gorth¹ “dead; dead (person)” plural ✧ Let/417 (Gyrth)
“who, that” plural elided ✧ Let/417
#cuina- “to be alive” nasal-mutation present plural ✧ Let/417 (chuinar)

N. Gyrth-i-Guinar pn. “Dead that Live”

A variant of Gwerth-i-Cuina appearing in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, glossed “Dead that Live” (LR/305). It is a combination of the plural of S. gorth¹ “dead (person)”, i “that” and the lenited present plural form of cuina- “to live”.

References ✧ LR/305; LRI/Gwerth-i-Cuina; WJI/Gwerth-i-guinar




S. #gorth¹ “dead; dead (person)” plural
i “the”
cuina- “to be alive” soft-mutation plural