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Q. lilómëa adj. “very dark, full of darkness” (Category: Dark, Murky)

Q. lilómëa, adj. “very dark, full of darkness” (Category: Dark, Murky)

An element in the Entish phrase Taurelilómëa-tumbalemorna Tumbaletaurëa Lómëanor (LotR/467), which in one place Tolkien described as meaning “very dark, full of darkness”, a combination of the prefix li(n)- “many” and lómëa “shadowed, gloomy”. A more literal interpretation would be “having many nights”; compare lilótëa “having many flowers” (VT42/18). As such, I think it is safe to say this word is a poetic Entish elaboration, not likely to be used in ordinary Quenya speech.

Reference ✧ PE17/81 ✧ “very dark, full of darkness”


#li(n)- “many” ✧ PE17/81 (#li-)
#lómëa “shadowed, gloomy” ✧ PE17/81