S. Angbor m. “*Iron-fist”

S. Angbor, m. “*Iron-fist”

The lord of Lamedon during the War of the Ring (LotR/875). His name was not translated by Tolkien, but it appears to be a compound of ang “iron” and the suffixal form -bor of paur “fist” (also seen in Celebrimbor), as suggested by Hammond and Scull (RC/588) among others.

Conceptual Development: The name N. Angbor already had its final form when it first appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (WR/419).

Reference ✧ LotRI/Angbor


ang “iron”
paur “fist, (closed) hand” soft-mutation

N. Angbor m.

See S. Angbor for discussion.

References ✧ WR/419; WRI


ang “iron”
paur “fist” soft-mutation