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Q. lacenítë adj. “unseeing, blind” (Category: Blind)

A word for “unseeing, blind” in a deleted paragraph of notes from 1969, a combination of la- “not” and cenítë “seeing, *able to see”, hence referring to “creatures that cannot/do not (by nature) see”, as in laceníte cuimar (PE22/153 note #50).

Neo-Quenya: I think [ᴺQ.] lacenítë “blind” remains viable for purposes of Neo-Quenya despite the paragraphs’s deletion, and refers to permanent blindness as opposed to [ᴺQ.] lomba for temporary blindness. There have been quite a few neologisms proposed for “blind”, including ᴺQ. cellóra, ᴺQ. cénelóra, and ᴺQ. cenenca, but I’d stick with the attested word.

Reference ✧ PE22/153 ✧ lakeníte “unseeing, blind”



la- “not, in-, un-” ✧ PE22/153 (la)
cenítë “seeing, *able to see” ✧ PE22/153 (#keníte)

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