S. menel-vîr síla díriel “*heaven-jewel shines having watched [for us]”

S. menel-vîr síla díriel, “*heaven-jewel shines having watched [for us]”

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The second phrase of Lúthien’s Song (LB/354). Three translations of this phrase are:

The first word menel is the Sindarin word for “the heavens, firmament”. The second word vîr is the lenited form of mîr “jewel”. The third word síla “shines” is the present tense of the verb síla- “to shine”. The last word díriel “having watched” is the lenited form of tíriel, the past active participle form of the verb tiria- “to watch, gaze”.

Reference ✧ LB/354


menel “the heavens, firmament, region of the stars” ✧ LB/354
mîr “jewel, precious thing, treasure” soft-mutation ✧ LB/354 (vîr)
#síla- “*to shine” present ✧ LB/354
tiria- “to watch, gaze; to ward, guard” soft-mutation perfective-participle ✧ LB/354 (díriel)

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