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Q. emma n. “*picture” (Category: Painting, Picture)

Q. emma, n. “picture, *image” (Category: Painting, Picture)
ᴺQ. !calta “picture, photography”
ᴺQ. !cemma “picture, (lit.) something seen”

A word appearing in notes from 1967 as an element in indemma “mind-picture” and quantemma “facsimile, a complete detailed visual reproduction (by any means) of a visible thing” (PE17/174, 179), probably meaning “picture, *image” (the latter gloss suggested by Tamas Ferencz). It was based on the root √EM “depict, portray”.

Reference ✧ PE17/179 ✧ “*picture”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

EM > emma [emma] ✧ PE17/179