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ᴺQ. !hisquë n. “smog” (Category: Smoke)

⚠️ᴺQ. !hisquë, n. “smog” [created by Orondil, Röandil] (Category: Smoke)
ᴺQ. quonda “choking smog, smoke”

A neologism for “smog” coined in a Discord discussion between Röandil and Orondil in 2021-12-20 as an erosion of *khith-us(u)kwē “grey smoke”. They coined this word to give an alternative to ᴺQ. quonda for those Neo-Quenya writers who feel that quo- is not a valid combination in Quenya. However, I personally think quo- is probably valid in Quenya, as discussed in the entry on how [wo] became [o], and as such I prefer to retain ᴺQ. quonda. If you disagree, however, then hisquë “smog” is a good alternative.


KHITH “mist”
USUK “dusk, evening”