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ᴺQ. !hísëa adj. “misty” (Category: Mist, Fog, Haze)

ᴺQ. !hísëa, adj. “misty” (Category: Mist, Fog, Haze)

A neologism for “misty” coined by Paul Strack in 2018 specifically for Eldamo as a replacement for ᴱQ. maska of similar meaning. It is just an adjective form of hísë “mist”, and is thus not particularly original.


Q. #hísë “mist”

ᴱQ. maska adj. “dusky, misty” (Category: Dusk)

Reference ✧ QL/59 ✧ “dusky, misty”


Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√MASA¹ > maska [maθkā] > [maθka] > [maska] ✧ QL/59