S. cuio i Pheriain anann “may the Halflings live long”

S. cuio i Pheriain anann, “may the Halflings live long”

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References ✧ Let/448; LotR/953; PE17/102



#cuia- “to live” imperative ✧ Let/448 (Cuio); LotR/953 (Cuio); PE17/102 (Cuio)
“the” plural elided ✧ Let/448; LotR/953; PE17/102
Perian “Halfling, Hobbit” nasal-mutation plural ✧ Let/448 (Pheriain); LotR/953 (Pheriain); PE17/102 (Pheriain)
anann “(for) long” ✧ Let/448; LotR/953; PE17/102

Element In

N. cuio i Pheriain anann “long live the halflings”

Reference ✧ SD/46 ✧ Cuio i Pheriannath anann “long live the halflings”


cuia- “to live” imperative ✧ SD/46 (Cuio)
i “the” plural elided ✧ SD/46
Perian “Halfling” nasal-mutation class-plural ✧ SD/46 (Pheriannath)
anann “long” ✧ SD/46