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ᴱQ. lintasarindea adj. “having many willows” (Category: Tree (other))

⚠️ᴱQ. lintasarindëa, adj. “having many willows” (Category: Tree (other))

A word for “having many willows” appearing in various notes from the 1910s and 20s as linta(ta)sarind(e)a (QL/53), lintasarind(e)a (PME/53) and lintatasarindea (PE14/112). It is a combination of ᴱQ. li(n)- “many” and an adjectival form of ᴱQ. tasarin “willow”. The possibly duplicated ta(ta) in this word seems to be an artifact of the prefix ᴱQ. li(n)-; compare to limpa(pa)lasse(a) “much roaring” based on ᴱQ. palasse “splashing” (QL/53).

References ✧ PE14/112; PME/53; QL/53




li(n)- “many” ✧ QL/53 (lin-)
tasarin “willow” suffix ✧ QL/53 (#(ta)sarind-)
#-a “adjectival suffix” ✧ QL/53 (#-a)