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ᴺQ. !rincuma n. “task, charge, mission” (Category: to Try)

ᴺQ. !rincuma, n. “task, charge, mission” [created by Röandil] (Category: to Try)

A neologism coined by Röandil posted on 2023-02-28 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS), derived from a primitive instrumental form *rinkumā base on √RIK “try, strive, endeavor” (comparable to ᴹQ. sanguma for similar derivation), thus more literally “a thing striven/endeavored for”. Röandil also suggested rinqua as the result of the loss of the intervening u after which [km] became [kw], but the combination nkm seems very unlikely to me and I prefer rincuma.



RIK¹ “put forth effort, strive, endeavour, try”
-mā “instrumental suffix”