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ᴺQ. !rínata- v. “to crown, coronate” (Category: Hat, Cap)

ᴺQ. !rínata-, v. “to crown, coronate” [created by Elaran, Lokyt] (Category: Hat, Cap)

A neologism for “to crown, coronate” coined by Elaran and Lokyt on 2022-01-05 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS), a causative verb based on the adjective rína “crowned”, and so literally “to make crowned”. Luinyelle and Röandil instead proposed ᴺQ. ríanta- as a combination of ría “garland” and anta- “give”, but I prefer Elaran’s suggestion.


Q. rína “garlanded, crowned”


ᴺQ. !ríanta- v. “to crown, coronate” (Category: Hat, Cap)

See ᴺQ. !rínata- for discussion.


Q. ría “wreath, garland”
Q. anta- “to give, present; †to add to”