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Q. rína adj. “garlanded, crowned” (Category: Hat, Cap)

Q. rína, adj. “garlanded, crowned” (Category: Hat, Cap)

This adjective first appeared as ᴹQ. rína “crowned” in The Etymologies of the 1930s, derived from the root ᴹ√RIG and an element in the names ᴹQ. Elerína and Tinwerína, both meaning “Crowned with Stars” (Ety/RIG). It appeared again in notes from 1959 as a suffix -rína meaning “garlanded, crowned”, again derived from √RIG (PE17/182). In the Outline of Phonology (OP2) from the early 1950s, Tolkien derived rína from the root √RIK, but he changed his mind on the phonetic developments which rendered this etymology unviable and the whole section was deleted and replaced (PE19/85-86 note #79).

References ✧ PE17/182; PE19/86



-rína suffix “garlanded, crowned” ✧ PE17/182

Element In


Phonetic Developments

RIG > -rína [rigna] > [riŋna] > [rīna] ✧ PE17/182
riknā > rína [rikna] > [rigna] > [riŋna] > [rīna] ✧ PE19/86

ᴹQ. rína adj. “crowned” (Category: Hat, Cap)

See Q. rína for discussion.

Reference ✧ Ety/RIG ✧ “crowned”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√RIG > rína [rigna] > [rigna] > [rīna] ✧ Ety/RIG