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Q. #larma n. “raiment” (Category: Clothes, Clothing)

Q. #larma, n. “raiment” (Category: Clothes, Clothing)
ᴱQ. larma “area, space, room”

A word from the late 1960s for “raiment” appearing only its plural form in the phrase Valar ar Maiar fantaner nassentar fanainen ve quenderinwe coar al larmar “Valar and Maiar cloaked their true-being in veils, like to Elvish bodies and raiment” (PE17/175). It’s derivation is unclear, but it might be tied to ᴹ√LAD “lie flat” from the 1940s (PE22/126).

References ✧ PE17/175


larmar plural “raiment” ✧ PE17/175

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