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ᴱQ. telpe² n. “butter” (Category: Butter)

⚠️ᴱQ. telpë², n. “butter” (Category: Butter)
ᴺQ. manya “butter”
Q. telpë “silver; [ᴱQ.] money”

A Qenya word for “butter” in Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s from primitive ᴱ✶t’lḗpe (PE13/154), a temporary repurposing of the form usually used for “silver”, which in this document was ᴱQ. telqe from primitive ᴱ✶kelekwé (PE13/140).

Reference ✧ PE13/154 ✧ telpe “butter”



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ✶t’lḗpe > telpe [telepē] > [telepe] > [telpe] ✧ PE13/154