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Q. hendumaica adj. “sharp-eye[d]” (Category: Sharpeyed)

Q. hendumaica, adj. “sharp-eye[d]” (Category: Sharpeyed)
ᴱQ. lastalaicë “sharpsighted”

A word for “sharp-eye” (likely an adjective = “sharp-eyed”) appearing in a discussion of the name Maeglin, a combination of dual hendu “pair of eyes” and maica “sharp” (WJ/337).

Reference ✧ WJ/337 ✧ hendumaika “sharp-eye[d]”


#hen “eye” dual ✧ WJ/337 (hendu)
maica¹ “sharp, piercing”
maikā¹ “sharp, penetrating, going deep in” ✧ WJ/337