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Q. rissë n. “?cleft, ravine” (Category: Ravine, Pass)

⚠️Q. rissë, n. “?cleft, ravine” (Category: Ravine, Pass)
Q. (a)nacca “narrows, defile, pass, cut”
ᴹQ. yáwë “ravine, cleft, gully”

An unglossed Quenya noun from notes Words, Phrases and Passages from the Lord of the Rings, apparently derived from primitive ✶rinse where the [ns] became [ss] in Ancient Quenya (PE17/87). It was related to the final element of S. Imladris “Rivendell, (lit.) Deep Dale of the Cleft” and so perhaps means “*cleft, ravine”.

Neo-Quenya: Given that its meaning is unknown, I’d avoid this word in Neo-Quenya, using other words like Q. (a)nacca or ᴹQ. yáwe instead.

Reference ✧ PE17/87 ✧ risse



Phonetic Developments

rinse > risse [rinse] > [risse] ✧ PE17/87