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Q. #nefítë adj. “air-breathing” (Category: to Breathe; Breath)

Q. #nefítë, adj. “air-breathing” (Category: to Breathe; Breath)

A word for “air-breathing” in Late Notes on Verb Structure (LVS) from 1969, appearing in its plural for nefíti and as an element in yulunefítë “amphibious”, illustrating the use of the verbal suffix -itë for creating adjectives indicating one is capable of doing something (PE22/155). As such, it implies the existence of a verb *nef- “to breathe (air)”.

References ✧ PE22/155



nefíti plural “air-breathing” ✧ PE22/155


*nef- “to breathe (air)”
-itë “adjectival ending; capable of doing, generally (and naturally) doing”

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